Saturday, December 27, 2008

"The Reason You Can't Lose Weight Has Nothing To Do With Your Will-Power, Over-Eating, Or The Perfect Diet!... The Reason You're Overweight & Unhealth

The Subliminal Body Sculpting System is a specially designed software application that sits on your Windows® desktop. It quietly delivers safe, positive, unobtrusive, life-changing affirmations to your mind, flashing them undetectable directly onto your computer's screen. You won't even be aware of it as you continue to work on your computer, and it won't affect any other programs that are running, or slow down your system in any way.

This new, and highly effective science helps to implant positive suggestions deep into your sub-conscious mind, which brings about new patterns of behavior, belief and thought processes. Your sub-conscious mind is the area of your brain which is directly responsible for maintaining your day-to-day cravings and lazy behaviors that are seemingly so "uncontrollable". The new positive suggestions will replace the weak and destructive thought patterns of the old you.

Do you remember hearing about the famous soft-drink company which used subliminal messages in their television ads to get us to buy more soft drinks. Or what about the story of the movie theater which used subliminal messages flashing on the screen (without us even knowing about it) to get us to buy more popcorn and snacks during the movies. Well this science is illegal now because certain government agencies learned that by using subliminal messages that advertisers could literally motivate you to do, or buy products...

...Now it's possible to use this same advanced technology to make positive shifts in your life as well. Now you can actually program yourself to love eating healthy foods - to really enjoy exercise - and to do the right combination of things to build a tight, lean, sexy body. From now on, every minute spent at your computer, will be time spent on your personal development and your physical well-being.

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The science and technology behind the Subliminal Body Sculpting System

This is a specially designed software application that sits on your Windows desktop (not for Mac computers). It quietly delivers safe, positive and unobtrusive affirmations to your mind, directly from your computer's screen. You won't even be aware of it as you continue to work on your computer, and it won't affect any other programs that are running, or slow down your system in any way. The positive affirmations that are sent to your sub-conscious are simply statements of intent, such as...

● I enjoy exercising

● I am full of energy

● I eat only healthy, low fat foods

● I stay positive and focused all day long

Due to the speed at which they're delivered onto your computer screen, your conscious mind will merely be aware of a slight flicker. Your eyes will not see the actual messages but your sub-conscious mind, which is responsible for changing your habits, will see the messages and instruct your conscious mind to act on them. You've often heard people say, "it's all in the mind". Well it is!

Your brain is a powerful machine that has the capacity to absorb, store and recall thousands of fragments of information each and every day. Each day you're mind is exposed to more than 100,000 thoughts, which will influence your decision making abilities, your beliefs, your ideas, your character traits and even your core values.

It's time to take control of your conscious mind by allowing your sub-conscious mind to reshape your body.

Every day, at work or at home, you'll benefit from the positive, self-inflicting statements of belief that have been specifically programmed to be implanted deep into your mind. What's more important is, you'll see the changes in your mirror and you'll see it in the faces of people by their expressions.

And remember! The Subliminal Body Sculpting System is 100% safe to use and has NO adverse effects. The only side effect of using this software is that you'll be able to more easily build the body of your dreams.

Reality check!!!

The Subliminal Body Sculpting System will not make you taller or shorter or carve away bone structure. It can't perform liposuction or surgically perform implantations. It's a safe, non-surgical means of helping you reduce your body mass gently and is totally painless. It's a true alternative method that helps you take control of your mind - which controls every action you take.

Here's what the Subliminal Body Sculpting System can do for you...

Dissolve stress and ease away tension - Imagine being completely undeterred by everything life throws at you. No worries and no stress. Subliminal Body Sculpting can train your mind to increase your tolerance levels to stressful situations, so you can work with a clear mind, helping you to solve the most difficult problems... FAST!

Eliminate bad habits in a flash! - Do you often crave those tasty little snacks? The ones you know are piling on the pounds? Have you already tried dieting and still couldn't lose any weight? Subliminal Body Sculpting takes over your cravings and sets its own healthier diet instructions, which you'll happily enjoy following...sub-consciously.

Destroy harmful negative behavior patterns - Negative behavior patterns can lead to self-destruction, and almost everyone is affected in some way. Subliminal Body Sculpting can help re-program your mind, and free you from bad habitual routines. You'll feel more successful and in control. You'll be responsive only to the new positive behavior patterns, which will ultimately change your life and your destiny, for the better.

Control and manage your emotions - Free your mind from worries and stress. Seeing your body transforming into the body of your dreams will help release endorphins, creating a 'feel-good factor'. You'll feel happier about yourself, have a higher self-esteem and develop a positive mental attitude to life in general.

Imagine living your life without worry, without doubt and without fear of being unhealthy and overweight

You'll change your whole perception and you'll...

  • Conquer your fears! - Crush your fears of failure without therapy! The single biggest challenge for anyone who wants to lose weight is their fears. Fear of failing or fear of success. Would you find it daunting having to deal with all the new attention you'd get from others? Do you fear having to get a new hairstyle or wear different clothes now that you're so much slimmer and in better shape? Subliminal Body Sculpting destroys fear at the source!
  • Alter your perception of food - Foods that you would normally avoid will become your first choice. Subliminal Body Sculpting will train your mind to crave only the types of food that are best for your health and vitality.
  • Increase your desire to exercise - You won't need an invitation to go to the gym. You'll want to go. And the fitter and healthier you become, the more you'll want to exercise to keep the body shape that's making you feel so good. You'll have so much more energy and you'll look so attractive, people will think you've been working out all your life.
  • Empower your physical self - The Subliminal Body Sculpting series will help you develop the thought process that in turn will help your physical being. You'll think more positively and you'll be in total control of your thoughts and actions. You'll develop what everyone wants...a positive mental attitude.